This page has embarked on a quest to defeat Kefka.

Unfortunately, the page failed to stock up on Phoenix Downs, saved on the Floating Continent, and is currently getting its ass kicked by random encounters.

If you can't defeat the Atma Weapon:

  • Level up and try again.
  • What do you MEAN you brought Gau? Are you suicidal?
  • Put some ass-kicking magic users in your party next time, genius.
  • Make sure you have all the available Tools for the lecherous king before you blow all your money on Chocobo rides and cheap whores. I mean really, what's so great about skanky hookers anyway?
  • Don't attempt to use an earthquake attack until AFTER casting Float on the entire party.
  • Btw, you know that laughing transvestite clown guy? Well, it turns out he CAN in fact fuck your shit up.